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Our tree removal service in Houston is consider one of the best tree cutting services in Houston, TX. We specialize in all areas of tree removal from dangerous trees, large trees, hard to reach trees, dead trees and disease infested ones. Houston has many trees that range from pines, oaks, elms, cedars, ash, pecans, cottonwoods, hack berry, hickory, walnut, and much more. Removing a tree can be dangerous at times so use a professional tree removal service to make sure the job gets done safely and cost friendly. Houston Tree Removal Service has over 40 years experience in the tree service, and can help you with any tree situation you may have. Down below you can find how our services can help and reasons you may need a tree removed.

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Tree Services:

Tree Removal
- Why should a tree be removed? Well there are many reasons for removing a tree from your property or lot. Trees that are dead or dying may need to be cut before damage is done to a human being or property. If your tree is leaning over your home high winds may bring the tree down on your house. Some trees might be tearing up your foundation to your home, driveway, sidewalk, or a man made structure many need to be cut down. New construction my be going up and your tree could be in the way. Or if your lawn or garden doesn't have enough sunlight reaching it then tree removal might be the only choice for new growth. Houston Tree Removal and their low prices will save you money and time with professional tree cutting services.

Dead Tree Removal
 - Trees that are dead are more of a liability and are much more dangerous to cut down. Dead trees will cost more sometimes if the removal process is high risk. These trees will break easier and when falling them choosing the direction is more of a risk cause of a rotten wood core. Remove your trees before they become to dead and escape the price of high liability tree cost.

Pine Tree Removal
 - Pine trees grow higher then oaks and hardwoods topically. When removing a pine tree you must first know how they grow inside. Pines are heavy wooded pieces and tend to break more easier then oaks. The limbs will snap if frozen or dried out from the heat which can make the removal process dangerous. Houston Tree Service can help your with all your pine tree removal service with low prices. We will send out a qualified sales tech to survive your pines and help you decide what pines need to be cut or trimmed back so damage is prevented.

Oak Tree Removals - How are oak trees different from pine trees? First oak trees are hardwood trees and do not tend to break as easy as pines. Oak tree roots run deep and cover large surface areas above and below the ground. Houston has many different types of oak trees ranging from red oaks, willow oaks, white oaks, black oaks, pin oaks, post oaks, water oaks, live oaks and much more. Oaks trees are great firewood trees and are some the best cooking pieces.

Large Tree Removal - Large trees need may need to be lifted with a crane or bobcat. Houston Tree Removal service can help you with all hard to reach or large tree removal services. Elms, pines, hack berries, maples, sweet gum, cypress, sycamore, cottonwood trees grow the biggest in Harris County, Texas.

Dangerous Removals - These type of trees consist of dead, dying, large or complicated tree removals. Trees over your home or structural property are considered highly dangerous and hold high liabilities. Houston Tree Service takes extreme caution in dangerous tree removals, using only the best tree cutting equipment and tree care personnel.

Emergency Tree Removal - Hurricanes and strong storms can cause high winds that bring down trees and limbs which my be any time day or night. If you have a tree on your home, house, sidewalk, driveway or on your structural property you may need our emergency tree removal service. Urgent tree cutting can be a matter of losing more or costing you a great deal more out of pocket. Houston Tree Removal service has a crew ready to help you on all your urgent, emergency, and unexpected tree situations.

Multiple Tree Removal - Having one tree removed cost more then having multiple of them cut. The more trees you decide to have cut down will save you money.
Senior Discount - If you are older then 63 then you qualify for our senior discount coupon. This will allow you an additional 10% off any tree removal or tree trimming services.

Tree Trimming Service - We trim trees to help promote grass growth or to beautify your trees. Limbs that are over your home, driveway, sidewalk or porch you may want to have trimmed back. We take great pride in our tree trimming services and will help you decide what needs to be trimmed or removed.
Bobcat Work - Using a bobcat to remove your tree will help the process move faster and safer. Bobcats can lift up to 1800 pounds and will save money by making your job go faster and helps reduce garden or plant damage.

Cranes - Crane service is need only on dead, dying, large or complex tree removals.

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